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At 18 years old Tom had his first work experiences in Val Badia: four intense years with teachers and chefs of the highest level. A fundamental life experience that will teach Tom how to manage and get organized in every situation. After that it came an experience in a well-known Italian restaurant in Greece. He then made his last experience as an employee. After that he decided to return and work at Valeria, at the time a historic place in the Karst region. Meanwhile, in 2007, he decides to get married with Jana and has two children, Mateja and Gregor.
Finally, in 2010, the opportunity came. In May, together with his wife Jana, Tom takes over the historic restaurant Gostilna Bak, and out of respect for the previous owners the original name is kept. After six years, in January 2017, the big turning point; Tom and Jana start their new adventure and inaugurate Valeria 1904, restaurant and hotel.

…hospitality and authentic food

Jana, Tom, Mateja and Gregor. A young family that makes hospitality its strongest point. The Hotel offers comfortable rooms and breakfast based on genuine and home made produce. Tom skilfully manages the preparation of traditional dishes in the kitchen, which are revisited and made even more attractive by local ingredients, at km 0.

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